You’ll never meet a more dedicated group of therapists. They shared our life like we were family. What an amazing group of ladies! – Elena R.

My ten-year-old daughter Nikki has intellectual disabilities, and since the age of two, she has been seeing speech therapist Gail Nuse.  Truly, there are no words powerful enough to describe the difference that Gail has made in my daughter’s life.  Gail sees Nikki for the whole person that she is, and Gail’s work with her has addressed Nikki’s development from every perspective—cognitive, emotional, communicative, academic, social, and physical.  The progress that Nikki has made through her work with Gail is phenomenal.  Furthermore, Gail has been a lifesaver for me, not only in giving me understanding, knowledge, and training to be able to help Nikki, but also in giving deeply appreciated support throughout my journey of being the mother of a child with special needs.  Thanks to Gail Nuse, my daughter has a chance at life. – Cindy L.